Earth Inspired Art Jewelry

Creating Unique Objects of Desire

Meet The Designer

As a young girl growing up in Alaska, I was drawn to the colors and forms found in nature. I was especially drawn to moss, lichen, mushrooms and found objects from the earth. Echoing the connection indigenous people have with all things living, I felt a reverence for every object that came from the earth, as if it were a sacred art form.


I absolutely love my necklace. I receive countless compliments. Dawn is an incredibly gifted artist. I grateful to be wearing this piece. Thank you Dawn.

Tiffnie Robertson

Just received the Boulder Opal ring. It is absolutely beautiful and very well made. This is my second ring purchase and I love them both! 

Vickie Lynch

I have enjoyed wearing my fossil ring and enjoy all the compliments. It is not only beautiful but made with love and quality. I am a customer for life and looking forward to my next purchase. 

Korleen Eger

I love my ring... I have had lots of compliments from my friends and family..Its sooo me... I love big rings...the tigers eye reminds me of my darling Mum... Also a great person that I purchased it from. Thank you..This is my 2nd ring I have purchased and I also bought a silver bracelet for my son which he just I am thrilled!

Amanda Newland

It is unique and just lovely! The craftsmanship is excellent. I've asked Dawn to make earrings to go with it!

Teresa Thamer

I have a few pieces of jewelry designed by Dawn, including this Tree of Life ring. I am a huge fan of her unique jewelry and every item is made with the highest quality materials. I always receive compliments on the pieces I own. You can see the love that goes into each design and I look forward to purchasing more!

Connie Caton

Love Dawn's jewelry. So beautiful and breathtaking. Would never buy any other jewelry now that I have worn Dawn's!! ♡ ♡

Cynthia Phillips

Wow! Your website is seamless and thanks for corresponding in a timely manner. I ordered the earrings, wear them every day, and will most likely return to her website the next time I'm in the market for that special piece. Agreed, she's not just making jewelry, she makes art. Excited to see future creations.

Heather Creamer