Dawn Middleton Jewelry Artist




As a young girl growing up in Alaska, I was drawn to the colors and forms found in nature. I was especially drawn to moss, lichen, mushrooms and found objects from the earth. Echoing the connection indigenous people have with all things living, I felt a reverence for every object that came from the earth, as if it were a sacred art form.

Today, I believe my gift lies in my ability to see the energy and vibration of color, and the natural flow and order of the universe. When I consider a stone or precious metal, I’m able to connect with the life it holds, and its potential. This begins my process of visualization, coming from my center, and ultimately expressed through my art.

“Fire” and “flow” are integral parts to jewelry-making, and both have deep spiritual meaning for me. I’m inspired by the Hawaiian goddess of fire, Pele, a deity believed to have created the volcanic Hawaiian Islands. She represents the power of what it means to be female. When I bring my torch to the metal, I watch for the transformation and flow that follows, like a feminine energy.

All of my life experiences contribute to where I am today. I began work as a spot welder for the Ford Motor Company, then pursued a career in interior design. I began designing jewelry soon after, and became an art show entrepreneur to share my creations with others. It’s all part of my own continuous life flow, and I’m grateful for every turn.

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