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Local News, Art Show Whirlwind - Labor Day and Beyond...

Local News, Art Show Whirlwind - Labor Day and Beyond...

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” - Rumi


What a whirlwind. Labor Day and beyond. 

Just wrapped up the local show of sorts called Art in Speed Park. 
It is usually sweltering and this one was no different. It was great to see all of our friends and make new connections. 

On Tuesday we quickly clean the house, have a journalist over and a camera man from the Jeffersonville News and Tribune doing a  story of me in their series NT Shorts. Elizabeth and Tyler thank you! Here is the story in depth if you want to check it outComment of my Facebook page if you would, I want to hear your feedback on this. :) Thanks!


Every week during the show season is often times a blur. Hammering metal 🔨 cutting designs, soldering metal, setting stones, sanding and buffing. The jewelry tumbler turns, and turns, taking all of the sound from the air. The metal shot inside creating a cacophony of racket that just keeps going. 
It will all be worth it, I say to myself. Just a few more days.

I dream 💭 of being in Oregon with my grand daughter and family there. But I keep pushing. We all keep pushing. 

Nathan makes sure we have boxes, polishing pads and the vehicle maxed out 🚚 with everything we will need for 3 shows on the road. My mom cutting out octopus shapes, sanding the patina off another one-of-a-kind creation. I love it! I think...
We pack up the Ford Flex and make our way to Bloomington, Indiana where we took part in the 4th Street Festival of the Arts and CraftsNow that is mouthful. It is also colloquially known as 4th Street Festival or 4th Street Fest. 🎪
Bloomington is a wonderful oasis, in practically nowhere Indiana. Indiana University has brought in individuals from all over the world and made this a unique place. With over 70 ethnic restaurants 🥡 it is a wonderful stop for us Artisans. :)



We stayed with show hostess Mary Madore, her husband Jack and dogs Joey and Andy. Swam in their pool and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and stay. Thank you Mary, Jack and Pooches!
On Sunday after the show we pack up and drive close to 4 hours to Columbus Ohio for the Upper Arlington Arts Festival and don't really get restful sleep, and then at the crack of dawn get up to set up the tent, and put out my jewelry. Thank you Nathan :) 
It was good, but boy was it hot. But so many friends there to say hi to. Oh, and yes selling my handcrafted jewelry.
Now it's off to Rochester, where we will stay with friends and will post more pics on Facebook and here. Oh, and the show is called Arts and Apples. check out my 100% Unofficial Arts and Apples 2018 Cheat Sheet. You might find it useful. :) 

If you need to keep up with upcoming shows click here. 

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