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Brakes On Fear! 🚓 Give Gratitude The Gas!

Brakes On Fear! 🚓 Give Gratitude The Gas!

I remember it like it was yesterday. 

My world, our world came to a screeching halt. 

The night before, Nathan and I sat in a local Mexican restaurant in Vero Beach Florida. Televisions at the bar blaring the news. 

The NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament was canceled. Nathan told me that was a big deal. 

He couldn’t believe it. 

It seemed the whole world was in a panic. 

I was too. 

Well, at least the art show we were about to do was still on. 

The weather was perfect, but there weren’t many people there. 

It was eerily silent. 

Rumors were everywhere. 

Then near the end of the first day at the Vero Beach Under The Oaks Art Show, a representative came up to everyone’s booth and announced… 

That the show has been canceled. 

The Vero Beach police shut it down.

Halted. The brakes have been applied. 

I couldn’t believe it. We couldn’t believe it. 

Could you? 

Yes, you and me. 

All of our worlds…

Put the brakes on everything. 

The big ole’ car we were driving full steam ahead slammed on the brakes. 

I felt fear, a deep, unrelenting fear.

It seemed as if my world was spiraling out of control. 


That is when I took action. 


I switched on the news. 


Worst idea ever. 


Next worst decision, I called the bank. They had no answers. 


They said to be patient. 




That everything was going to be alright. The bank was sorting everything out. 


I wasn’t so sure. 


The next day Nathan and I went to the beach and a restaurant. Not knowing what to do, these things seemed the most logical at the time. 


Like anything was logical. 


For days I couldn’t wrap my head around anything. I lost it.


After a few weeks, countless phone calls, and even more worrying, I decided to take the reigns and put a spin on things. 


That is when it all turned around. 


It was time to turn lemons into lemonade. 


It was time to put myself first. Time to go inside. Time to be quiet and relax. 


I felt a quiet power welling up within. This was something that had not been present within me ever. 


For years, I had been running from one art show to the next. Dragging Nathan mostly, and my mom sometimes along in tow.


Yes, they were fun (the art shows) and all, but getting ready for them was not. Fabricating jewelry all the time had taken a toll on me.


So I decided to let go. 


Let go of everything that had not been serving me, and I decided to make a change. 


I decided I had to have fun no matter what. 


I had to have fun, or it was going to kill me, quite literally.


It was also time to connect with those that I had left in the wings for so long. It was time to connect with family, friends, and you. 


So throughout this pandemic, I have learned a lot. A lot about myself. It has led to a great deal of looking within, and I deeply grateful for the light. 


I am now more grateful, not in fear so much. 


What are you grateful for?


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  • I am most grateful for having the quiet time to finally add nurturing activities to my daily schedule and also become my own best friend. Dixie

    Dixie Ferrer

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