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💨 Breathe and Believe

💨 Breathe and Believe

It has been a long year. 

I have exhaled.

I invite you to exhale too. 

Yes, exhale with me and let go of what you’ve been holding onto. 

If you’ve been holding on to fear, let it go

If you’ve been holding onto grief, let it go

If you’ve been holding your breath, let it go

It’s time for us to exhale as a nation, a world. 

It's our time to look ahead. 

A time to see ourselves as greater beings. 

I am talking about all of us and our connection. 

Believe it or not we are connected and we are one. 

So I invite you to celebrate our - your oneness, because this is the ultimate equalizer.

No matter what happens each day, take time and breathe and meditate upon your breath and your oneness. 

Yes, the physical exhalation of just breathing, getting outside, away from the news and letting go will create something that we’ve been lacking.

If you live outside the borders of the U.S. then I also want you to breathe too. Breathe and pray for a new way of thinking for all of us.

You just never know what will happen. 

You can’t control much. 

So do this right now. 


and visualize a greater world. 

Breathe and visualize a greater world of unity. 

Breathe and believe that we are one. 

That we are connected and that we can do anything. 

I like that, Breathe and Believe. 

Once we are centered….

I want to invite you to a special live collaboration art show this coming Monday. 

Because I can’t do this thing without you, I will be sharing my processes and have a super talented guest. A wearable fiber artist as a guest too. Her name is Andrea LeBeau.

Here is the link to the rebroadcast of that super event.

Let’s breathe and believe together,


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