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Broad Ripple Art Fair is Burning 🔥

Broad Ripple Art Fair is Burning 🔥

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Back From Mothers Day In Oregon, It's off to The Broad Ripple Art Fair

It's off to see the wizard..not exactly, but getting back from Oregon and visiting my family and newborn Levian, it is onto another art show.

This time Nathan will be accompanying me to the fair city of Indianapolis. My mom and I usually do this show together. But not this time.

Love this town and always seem to do well. So this Saturday and Sunday will be fun. 

The weather should be fine. Not rain in the forecast should be in the '80s. 


broad ripple art fair


A little bit about Broad Ripple Art Fair 2019

Mid-May is the perfect time to head outdoors to celebrate the start of festival season and we can’t think of a better way to kick off the start of this special time of year than by coming to the One America Broad Ripple Art Fair in Indianapolis, IN. This event is scheduled for May 18th and 19th, 2019 and features the amazing creations of over 220 local and national artists and craftsmen.

This event is nationally ranked and highly selective so festival-goers should expect to find an outstanding array of art in numerous mediums. The best part is that proceeds from this festival go to benefit the Indianapolis Art Center which facilitates art camps and classes and runs a project known as Artreach which offers a community-based education program for children ages 5-18 living in underserved areas of Indianapolis.

The One American Broad Ripple Art Fair is a high energy event with a street fair like atmosphere. There will be plenty of hands-on activities and live demonstrations so that you can see first-hand how the artists create their masterpieces.

In addition to the beautiful artwork for sale, there will be two outdoor entertainment stages featuring nonstop live bands and cultural performances and festival goers should be on the lookout for interactive art activities and pop up performances throughout the event.

The surroundings are beautiful and there are plenty of tables and chairs where you can stop and enjoy the pleasant May climate and a culinary work of art from a variety of vendors on Gourmet Food Row. Plus this year’s event will also feature libations from Sun King Brewing and Mallow Run Winery.

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Affordable ticket prices allow patrons to enjoy 2-day admission to this incredible event. We believe that whether you are bringing the entire family or planning a romantic weekend the One America Broad Ripple Art Fair is the place to start and you can easily expand your adventures into the city of Indy known for its culture, food, and history. Plus remember, that all proceeds benefit a great cause!

Next week, be sure to tune into the video blog update from Atlanta Dogwood Art Festival, Broad Ripple Art Fair and more! So be sure to subscribe to keep up when it's released. 

Not sure if you saw my Homage to Mothers on Mothers Day. This is a special thing to me. So check it out now. Please comment below too and tell me what you think? 

Also, here is the art show update. We are on a few waitlists, hoping to get into Decatur Arts Festival in Decatur, Georgia, and others. Will keep you updated. Click to keep up with everything

So what do you think about the Broad Ripple Art Fair? Comment below and tell me what you think. 

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  • Dawn – Thank you for your lovely commentary on Mother’s Day and the role we play in our children’s lives as well as the nurturing we provide to friends and family. I was so very lucky to have an incredible Mother who loved and taught and guided and encouraged me and I miss her every day and hope that while she was alive I told her how precious she was to me and how very much I learned from her. My Mother was an elegant, classy, beautiful woman inside and out and was full of faith and hope and joy and laughter. I hope I make her proud. Happy Mother’s Day Dawn. xoxo


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