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Florida, Fairhope Arts And Crafts Festival 2019 and Beyond!

Florida, Fairhope Arts And Crafts Festival 2019 and Beyond!

Fairhope Arts And Crafts Festival 2019

Florida, Fairhope Arts And Crafts Festival 2019 and Beyond!

Waking up on the lake at Fruitland, Florida was refreshing and the sun peaked it's glorious beams out of the clouds just enough to remind us that we were fully alive. We had driven down from Indiana, cold chasing us, but not quite getting a hold of us.

After a walk around the neighborhood, Nathan and I got everything ready for setting up at the Mount Dora Arts Festival, in of all places Mount Dora Florida.

The load in was effortless and eerily easy. Usually, each load in can be filled with stress and strain, but not this time. That would not stay that way for too long.

I noticed that Nathan hadn't unloaded the tent top. Is the tent top in the truck? I asked as soon as he returned. "I'm not sure." I started to get nervous. Can you check? "Yes," he said.

He returned empty-handed. "I can't find it," he says.

I panic.

Nathan usually packs the car and I double check. But I had been sick and we both had been in a hurry to leave Indiana and in the grip of winter, that this one crucial art show accessory had been forgotten could now take everything down with it. Quite literally. 

About to break down...I pray.

I implore to Nathan, start asking everyone at this show if they have an extra tent top. He turns to ask the first artists that we can find and lo and behold, against all odds, they have an extra tent top. It's not our maker's tent top but it will do. Nathan starts to Macgyver the tent top onto the frame - as he puts it, alluding to the TV show character's extraordinary knack for unconventional problem solving, and we work together to get the tent top on and the show is saved.

What a start to not only a show season but a Florida trip we will never forget.

Here is the Cheat sheet for Fair Hope Arts and Crafts Festival. This is our first go at this show although we have heard a lot of good things about this quaint town and its a lovely art show. Will have an update on my next post.

So here's inside the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Arts Festival 2019...

Selected as one of the cutest small towns in the south by Fairhope, Alabama will be host to the 67th Annual Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival on March 15, 16 & 17th, 2019. With over 230 exhibitors the festival is free to the public and will be open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. Located just off the shore of beautiful Mobile Bay last year’s festival drew more than 300,000 visitors to explore a variety of handcrafted items produced by some of the nation’s best artists.

Selected for a Best of Bama award by the readers of Alabama Magazine and the recipient of several other accolades including awards from the Alabama Bureau of Tourism and recognition for several years by Sunshine Magazine as one of the top 200 Festivals in the US you will be in awe of the diverse selection of high-quality handcrafted items. Visitors to the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival will find stunning works of art ranging from mesmerizing copper sculptures to hand-painted Habotai silk ponchos to beautiful and unique pen and ink drawings with just a pop of color.

fairhope arts festival 2019

There will be striking scenic photographs highlighting the beauty of the US and beyond, contemporary, modern and organic jewelry made from aluminum and copper wire and gorgeous ballpoint pens made from real bourbon barrel oak. And the rare treasures do not stop there.

You’ll find hand-made furniture that incorporates a little rock and roll through its use of musical instruments in the design and non-traditional stained glass panels which incorporate elements of wood and mosaics to create a one of a kind piece of beautiful wall art.

With temperatures forecast to be in the 60’s visitors to the festival will find plenty of spots to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery, warm breezes and a wide array of planned entertainment ranging from belly dancing to jazz bands. And if you’re bringing the entire family there will be a special kid’s tent which will provide opportunities for the kids to make their own art including building a birdhouse or making a special piece from modeling clay.

fairhope arts fair

And don’t forget the food. Local vendors will feature some of the region’s most delicious specialties as well as some of your favorite comfort foods.

If you’re looking for a break from the never-ending winter or simply want to surround yourself with beautiful art in a warm, friendly and walkable town the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Arts Festival 2019 is for you. For more information on the festival or to begin planning your trip to the town of Fairhope, Alabama visit the event website at:

So what do you think about this blog post? Did you find the opening story fun? What about the cheat sheet for The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival 2019? Let me know below. Would love to hear more from you. Your input counts.

Thanks! Dawn

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  • My sister, Mary Lou Nicolai will be demonstrating at the fair. She is an artist and teaches in Fair Hope. I told her to look you up. Have a great show.


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