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Indiana Artisan Marketplace 2019

Indiana Artisan Marketplace 2019

Here is an update of the Indiana Artisan Marketplace 2019 and how my path started...

indiana artisan marketplace 2019

It all really started here.

Yes, my inner acceptance that I was an artist.

I didn't believe until someone actually validated my artwork, that I was a true artist.

That is something really hard to admit.

I didn't believe in my abilities...

But I went for it.

I was working my way through the juried art show world, dipping my toes into this world when I decided that I would try to jury my work into Indiana Artisan.

Here is what the Indiana website actually says... “This is Indiana’s best.” Best Artists. So there was a lot of stress to actually pull this off.

Could I do this?

It was in 2014, I sent in pictures of my work along with multiple pieces of my work at the time, and filled out an extensive application and waited for the response. And waited. And waited. At least it felt like eons, but in today's time probably just a few weeks.

A lo and behold.

I did it.

Yes, this was the first validation, an organization, real people liked my work.

I felt at that moment.


I jumped for joy and then promptly got back to doing what I love.

Making jewelry. Creating unique art jewelry creations.

Making jewelry for you.

I love meeting wonderful individuals such as yourself, that love my work, but I really love to create.

So if you want to see some of my work to date, and if you're in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, then I invite you to come to Indiana Artisan Marketplace 2019...

Imagine the best of Indiana’s artisans all in one location for a special weekend marketplace showcasing an outstanding selection of beautiful art and delicious food.  The 9th Annual Indiana Artisan Marketplace will take place on Saturday, April 6th from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday, April 7th from 10 am to 5 pm at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  

The comfortable atmosphere of Indiana Artisan Marketplace 2019 will have you relaxed and enjoying the amazing fellow artisans...

The comfortable atmosphere of this event will allow attendees to see artists in action or speak with them about their personal stories or artistic inspirations. Throughout the weekend marketplace, 20 of the artists will be creating their works of art at the event so you will be able to see first-hand how such beautiful designs come to life.

The diversity of crafts will amaze and delight you. See stunningly colorful lamps made from hard-shell gourds, unique furniture made from willow branches bent into intricate shapes, vibrant tile mosaics turned into joyful garden art, and an array of beautiful jewelry featuring fine silver, gemstones and, handmade lampwork beads. If you’re looking for the culinary art category the selection is certain to be outstanding. You’ll find everything from artisanal bread, and cheeses to wine-filled truffles, to flavored honey,  applesauce and apple butter from the local orchards.

Tickets will be $8 in advance or $10 at the door. There is an easy shuttle service to get you from your car on the fairgrounds parking lot right to the expo hall. And talk about amazing customer service. You can leave your purchases at the expo hall, take the shuttle back to the car, then drive your car up to the expo’s special “package pick up” site and they will load your purchases directly into your vehicle. This is definitely an event not to be missed if you wish to see an amazing array of art and sample a divine assortment of culinary delights. For more information on this event visit the Marketplace website at...

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  • Thank you Cathy for sharing. It means so much to us. Also, thank you Billie James. Those are sweet words too. :) We love Alabama and will be at Birmingham’s Magic City show in the coming weeks. Hope to be at Kentuck again too in Tuscaloosa. :)

    Nathan Lynch
  • I cherish the many pieces I have of your artistry. I love your dedication to the integrity of the material and gems you work with, Whenever I wear your pieces, I receive questions and compliments. Thank you for coming to Alabama so we can appreciate, purchase, and enjoy your work.

    Billie James
  • Love your work. I own many pieces. I e shared this with friends so they can check it out!

    Cathy Dusel

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