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💪 Insider Guide To Ginkgo Tree Inner Strength and Resilience 🍃

💪 Insider Guide To Ginkgo Tree Inner Strength and Resilience 🍃


Insider Guide To Ginkgo Tree Inner Strength and Resilience

Find out why the Ginkgo Tree should be your personal symbol of strength and why it will give you the inspiration to make it through anything. The following will be your insider guide to Ginko Tree inner strength and resilience. This story is really about your inner strength and resilience, here's why...

Did you know that the Ginkgo tree is literally a living fossil? In many ways, the Ginkgo tree has been unchanged in more than 200 million years. If you look at the fossilized ginkgo leaves through a microscope the leaves have looked similar for over 200 million years. A tree that made its way from China and are on city streets from Seoul to New York.

One way that the ginkgo tree has lasted, through so much world upheaval and turmoil for so long is that The female tree drops the seeds in the late fall usually all at once. It has been noted that this was possibly part of its early seed dispersal system. That the greater the chance of the seeds to take root. Also through that, some animals are attracted to the smell (which is really bad by the way) to the ginkgo's seeds. Dogs for, example, love the seeds, but they also pay the price if eaten. Because dogs will many times get sick because the ginkgo nut is potentially toxic.

Another reason for the Ginkgo trees resilience is that it is strong inside. That no matter what happens on the outside of this plant, because of the inner strength of this tree, it can make it through anything.

So that leads me into the strongest symbology behind this incredibly resilient tree. And why it can be a symbol for you making it through life's trials. Through whatever life throws at you.

Oftentimes I tell others that the Ginkgo Tree has been revered throughout the world for its amazing adaptability, and it's extreme resilience.

Did you know that the Ginkgo tree survived Hiroshima?

Yes, and here is the story...

On August 6, 1945, an Allied plane dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, creating a fireball 1,200 feet in diameter. Terror and disaster rained down upon the city, killing an estimated 150,000 people and leveling both natural and man-made landscape. Little was left standing, but somehow the ginkgo trees were able to survive one of the most destructive moments in human history.

Those trees, now dubbed “A-bombed trees,” or hibakujumoku, are still in Hiroshima today, monuments to both humanity’s capacity for destruction and nature’s ability to withstand us at our worst. But while these roughly 170 ginkgo trees are now famous for surviving the Hiroshima blast, ginkgos as a species have persisted through a 200-million-year history of close calls that laid the foundation for its ability to withstand the A-bomb attack, explains Sir Peter Crane, Ph.D., director of Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

“A lot of trees are resilient, but ginkgoes seem more so than other trees," Dr. Crane explains. And so there you have it, the beautiful Ginkgo has so much wonderful lore. A tree and leaf that should be in your jewelry collection. 

What do you think about the Ginkgo Tree? Does the Ginkgo tree inner strength and resilience hold true for you? Would love to hear what you say about this wonderful tree with the fan-shaped leaves below. 

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