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Top 7 Ways To Get That Perfect Gift 🎁

Top 7 Ways To Get That Perfect Gift 🎁

Today I have a super fun and informative email for all you amazing souls! 7 ways to get that perfect gift for someone. I think you'll find this useful and a great way to think about gift finding. So here goes...


1.)  Listen.


Listening is one of those skills that one is definitely in need of these days. Universally everyone needs to be heard and listened to. All throughout the year, the one that you are thinking about purchasing something special for will drop hints. Perk up your ears and listen, and take notes. 


2.) Notice one's outfit.


If that lucky person wears a lot of purples or they wear a lot of dark blues, You should lean towards purchasing something in those color palettes. If they enjoy jewelry, maybe something like a Lapis stone or Amethyst might be a safe bet. 


3.) Ask them.


This is an obvious thing to do. It amazes me how many people just ask others what they would want to receive. Even if you decide not to get what they want, at least be in the ballpark. Think outside the box 📦 


4.) Ask someone close to them.


Coming to a decision of what to buy for someone can be super challenging. You might have to resort to asking a friend, partner, mom, dad, sister, brother, or neighbor. I know this entails a lot of legwork, but in the end, you might just find that perfect something for that perfect someone. 


5.) Ask the Dog or the Cat.


Just kidding here, kinda. A great gift idea might be something that one can use with a pet. Be it a dog, cat, or maybe even a goldfish. People love their pets and, something that builds the bond can make a perfect gift.


6.) Check out their Instagram or Facebook feed. 


A great way to find out what someone desires is to check out their social channels. A lot can be discerned when peering upon an individual's feed. Check them out for ideas. 


7.) Check out ;)


Of course, this goes without saying. Need that special last-minute gift? Check out 


Or ask me! I can help?


Sending many blessings, 


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