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Turquoise: The Sacred Creation Stone

Turquoise: The Sacred Creation Stone

Are you aware that the Turquoise stone supposedly attracts money, success, and love?

Sure hope this is all true. 

Turquoise is such an amazingly colorful stone that it can magnetize your soul. It is the birthstone of December, and that being the case, I decided to dig a little and find something unique about this one-of-a-kind stone.

And boy, did I ever...

I am officially dubbing Turquoise the Sacred Creation Stone, and here’s why…

You’re probably aware that Native Americans have revered and used the Turquoise stone for everything from spiritual ceremonies, healing to protection. Even on bows for added accuracy. You can see how integral to daily life Turquoise actually was and still is for the Native Americans. 

But did you know this? 

Certain Native Tribes believe that ancient people were so happy to see rain after a long drought that they danced and rejoiced. Their tears mixed with the rain and seeped into The Earth to become turquoise

In fact, many Native Americans believe that It helps to create life on Earth. In fact, the Hopi tribes believe that the Earth used to be covered in water, and Turquoise helped to remove this water so that life could begin.

Another creation legend even states this...

The color of this unique gemstone represents the water, sky, and the hope that the wearer would become one with the universe. 

Wow! Oneness with everything! 

Then I even found this...

To the Zuni, the Turquoise color represents Awonauilona (that’s a big word). It stands for the sun’s life-giving power, and, because the color can change depending on the light, the weather, or whatever elements are near it, it has also been used for prophecy and divining.

Wow, bet I opened up your eyes with all this. 

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Till next time, blessings and light! 


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