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What Is Labradorescence and Why It Should Matter To You

What Is Labradorescence and Why It Should Matter To You

ūüĎł Labradorescence, do YOU have it?

Shine Bright Like A...You've probably seen the Labradorite Stone. If you haven't then you surely are missing something truly amazing. 

Did you know that the Labradorite stone can display a unique iridescent optical effect unlike any other stone or gem in the world?

Yes! That's right like no other. 

Take this one-of-kind stone outside in the sun and it takes on all kinds of glints of blues, blacks, and green hues. Do you love the magical iridescence of the stone Labradorite like I do?

Well, if you get as excited about this beautiful natural creation like me, then you will be thrilled as I reveal why this is important in a moment.

This grand stone has been given something that few if any other stone on Earth has been given, it's own adjective. 

The term, or adjective, or¬†amazing awesomeness¬†that I'm about to¬†uncover¬†was coined by Ove Balthasar B√łggild.

Ove, you see was a Danish mineralogist, and he didn't travel a whole lot but when he did he sure did hit pay dirt (sorry, just a little mineralogy humor for ya). 

So one day Ove mining (oops, once again) his own business and doing his digging thing in Canada and he happened upon something he had never seen before. Something quite beautiful. It was an object flashing iridescent colors. It was Labradorite. 

And it was giving off this...

Light. A beautiful iridescent light.

This particular light was peculiar. Why do you say? Well because as he would find out it was being created by, too small to be seen through a microscope flat areas orientated in one direction (rarely in two directions) that give off this unseen before reflections of light.

This entirely natural process known as...


So, now it's about time you got your own adjective. Shine bright like Labradorescence.  Check out this new one-of-a-kind creations Go ahead, you deserve some Labradorescence. 

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