How To Pay With Viabill - Pay $0 Now For Purchases Under $300

how to use viabill on dawnmiddleton dot com

How To Pay $0 Now For Purchases Under $300

So you have that amazing handcrafted creation ready to go in your online cart and you know that it might just bust the bank if you go ahead. Well, I have a solution. Why don't you fund your gift giving and your own jewelry buying needs with Viabill.

First select a wonderful handmade jewelry piece from my shop.


On the product description page you will see: only $xx.xx / month with VIABILL >

For this one it is Click on that link.

Once you do... You will then get a pop-up screen with how much you will pay in 4 monthly installments.

Click on it...

...and an you can see first how you can use Viabill to make easy installments, instead of buying all at once. 

Close that screen out.

Click the green “ I want this” which is the add to cart button.

From there fill in your name, address, email and then click the green “Continue” button.

Next page, fill out shipping and then select continue to shipping.

Everything looks good? Click continue to payment button.

Continue to the payment page, and this where you will select the Viabill radio button and then click Pay Now button... 

You will then be transferred to Viabill. From there Enter your personal information in their secure check-out flow From there when we ship out you will receive repayment information from Viabill. 

Woohoo! It's that easy! 

Don't forget 15% off Ready To Ship + Free Shipping, and You don't have to pay, so you can get many gifts for all the good girls and boys. ;)